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Staywell Medicaid Healthplan

Staywell Health Plan (Staywell) provides health care and long-term care services to people who qualify for Florida Medicaid. 

Staywell offers the following types of plans:

  • Managed Medical Assistance (MMA): Provides health care services like doctor visits and emergency care and covers prescription drugs
  • Long-Term Care (LTC): Provides long-term care services, such as nursing facility services and home and community-based services
  • Specialty: Similar to MMA, but with specialized care for members with serious mental illness (SMI). Learn more about Staywell’s Specialty Health Plan

Some members have both MMA and LTC plans. This means that Staywell covers both health care and long-term care services for these members.

CMS Health Plan has partnered with WellCare of Florida, Inc. (WellCare) to provide managed care services to children who:

  • Are under age 21 and eligible for Medicaid or
  • Are under age 19 and eligible for Florida KidCare, and
  • Have special health care needs that require extensive preventive and ongoing care

Wellcare Medicare Advantage

Wellcare offers a Medicare Advantage Plan to those that are Medicare eligible.​​

How to Enroll in Staywell Medicaid

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